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Volunteer With Us

We are grateful for our dedicated volunteers who visit and assist residents with a variety of activities across the campus, and assist at meal times and run the “Tuck Cart" service at Tabor Home.

To join the volunteer program at Tabor Home, please call our Volunteer Department at 604-859-8715 (116) or fill out and hand-in this Tabor Volunteer Application Form.

To join the volunteer program at Tabor Court, please call our Volunteer Coordinator at 604-859-8718 (181) or complete and return the Tabor Court Volunteer Application Form.

“Residents are very real. I feel I can be myself.  At times I am surprised; I am surprised I feel this way. The 3 hours I come are the best 3 hrs of the week for me. I am learning how to play crib.” ~ Tabor Village volunteer

“I also wanted to say that I am really enjoying volunteering at Tabor Home.  All the staff is very friendly, helpful, and respectful to all of the residents and myself and I so appreciate that.” ~ Tabor Village volunteer

"The food was great as well as the sharing time. Volunteers offer a terrific addition to Tabor Village life. It was noted that there are residents on Cherry Lane who have very few, if any, visitors. Even though the resident may not recognize the visitor, a resident’s emotional being rarely leaves the person." ~ Appreciation expressed at the annual volunteer recognition banquet

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